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Completely Portable Running Analysis

"Not just a device and not just a course, but a system to change the way running is done" 

 Be a part of something bigger than just looking at runner's form. Be a part of a community willing to take things to the next level to get excellent results!

Yes, We Do Have a Device That is Really Great!

But that is not all. The device is part of a system that looks change the way we treat and train runners.

The ACE Running System:


The backbone of any system is knowledge. Successful running is not just good form. Learn all about why runner's get injured and what running professionals can do to treat and/or prevent injuries and maximize performance. 


Take your knowledge and show the runner how to be their best runner self. The ACE Running movement screen identifies Mobility and Motor Control limitations in minutes. Trace 3D motion analysis makes it feasible and affordable for professionals without reearch experience to enjoy the benefit of the Gold Standard.  


Once you have measured something, how do you know when to change it and whether you actually made the change you were hoping for? The ACE Running system provides detailed programs targeting the most common reasons for changes in running form. Combine this with Trace 3D motion analysis and you can rest assured you are making meaningful lasting changes. 

See how you can use the ACE Running system to provide the highest quality in gait analysis. Imagine what having these capabilities would do for your practice!


How Can Offering 3D Motion Analysis Set You Apart?

Competition for Healthcare and Fitness is growing exponentially. With 3D analysis you can set yourself apart by providing marketable services to a previously underserved group. 3D motion analysis is no longer reserved for elite athletes and research!

Group Testing

Testing a team or research subjects? Setup in minutes and get instant results.

Gait Retraining 

Use live capture to provide biofeedback to help runners change their form

Ready Reports

A 20 page customizble report is ready within seconds. Save time on the report to focus on the runner.


Save your space and follow your customers. No need for a designated lab. The completely portable system goes where you need it


About the Creators

ACE Running

Doug Adams PT, DPT, SCS, OCS, CSCS and Ari Kaplan PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, Cert MDT, COMT created Trace 3D as a way to bring the power of motion analysis out of the lab and into the clinic. 

Doug and Ari have designed a system to help clinicians provide the GOLD STANDARD in 3D motion analysis without the cost and technical know how needed. 

Two Ways To Join:

1. Get Trace 3D

An out of the box ready system with everything you need to become part of a community doing things at the highest level

2. Find a Certified Running Gait Analyst Course

Learn about the ACE Running Movement Screen, the 5 Categories of Gait Impairments, Gait Retraining corrective plans, and much more.

Still not ready to join?

Check out a few more reason below:

Get Results

Make Meaningful Change

When working with runners we cannot make a meaningful change without knowing how it affects all aspects of their running. With 3D Motion Analysis you get the full view and can instantly measure how your interventions make a difference! Live training and biofeedback available.

Be Your Best

Why not 2D?

When you run, you interact in 3 dimensions. The running literature has shown that many injuries are related to rotations and motions that occur in planes that 2D just cannot measure well. In a study looking at the reliability of 2D gait analysis only 5 of 15 variables were reliable. If you want to work with runners and provide the best service, then you need to get ALL of the right information

Trace 3D: Be a Part of the Future of Running