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  • Why posture may be holding you back from achieving your best
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  • Detailed exercise instructions on a 10 min plan that anyone can and should do

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At Association of Clinical Excellence (ACE) we focus on taking complex information and making it approachable. Whether you are a runner or a professional who works with runners, we offer a series of courses that provide a complete approach to assessing and addressing running injuries. Our courses utilize the latest in research and technology to get you the BEST information. We also provide complete guides on how to address issues contributing to running injuries so that you can focus on the runner, rather than the paperwork!

  • Learn the ACE Running Movement Screen to quickly identify impairments in mobility and stability 
  • Learn the 5 Categories of Running Gait Impairments & How to change them 
  • Become a Certified Running Gait Analyst
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Doug Adams PT, DPT, SCS, OCS, CSCS Co-Founder ACE